Selma’s Science Cafe talk: Cold Plasmas: A Hot New Technology!

Canton: Tuesday, April 8

Potsdam: Wednesday, April 9

Plasmas, the “4th state of matter,” make 99% of visible matter in the Universe and are extremely hot. On Earth, plasmas occur naturally within lightning, the ionosphere, and in the auroras (Northern and Southern Lights).  Plasmas can also be made in a laboratory. You probably heard of plasma TV, fluorescent light bulbs and neon signs, but did you know that plasmas can also be used to decontaminate drinking water, convert graphite into diamond, coagulate blood, and even sterilize teeth?!

Join Professor Selma Mededovic Thagard (CU, Chemical Engineering) for a fascinating discussion on plasmas, their chemical processing, and their application in medicine, chemistry and engineering.